How does Extra Ordinary Delights handle Allergies?


We produce all of our confections in a kitchen that handles nuts, wheat, soy, dairy, eggs, and honey. Please note that we can provide suggestions on certain treats that do not contain the above mentioned ingredients, however we cannot guarantee that any of our confections are completely free from any of the items listed above. We don't want to hurt you! Ever! So, if you have a severe or life threatening allergy, please refrain from eating Extra Ordinary Delights.

Can I include a gift note on my order?


Of course! During the checkout process, you can type your gift note in the designated section and it will print on the packing list that goes inside the box. It will show up better if typed in all CAPS.

How long do all of your treats last?


Each treat we make is packaged in its very own packaging that’s stamped on the bottom with a suggested expiration date. We can help you pick a treat that best suits your needs. The way that you store your items will contribute to the actual expiration date! For example, if you leave gophers out on the counter, they usually don’t make it to their expiration date... (<-- Get it? Because you eat them all…)


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